Capitol Day - SPACJLDC - Women in PoliticsJunior Leagues of Georgia State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) The State Public Affairs Committee of Georgia is a statewide, non-partisan committee made up of delegates from each of the twelve Junior Leagues in Georgia who join together to take action on select state and national public issues. GA SPAC is the advocacy arm of the Junior Leagues of Georgia monitoring the state legislative process and addressing issues of political importance to the members of the Junior Leagues regarding initiatives and legislation to improve the quality of life for women and children; improve the quality of education; and improve the environment. SPAC represents a combined membership of 10,000 Junior League volunteers in Georgia.

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Believe it or not, since the 1930s, many of the laws we take for granted originated with an idea that was first proposed by a SPAC, PAC or LIC made up of Junior League members. Here are some of the issues the committees have tackled over the years as well as some of their accomplishments, legislative or otherwise:

  • Child Welfare
  • Child Obesity & Health and Nutrition
  • Water Pollution
  • Human Trafficking
  • Cyberbullying
  • Mental Health
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education/Life Skills
  • Suffrage

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a State Public Affairs Committee

Despite its seemingly generic label, a State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), a Public Affairs Committee (PAC), or a Legislative Issues Committee (LIC), is an invention of The Junior League that has been around since the 1930s. SPACs, PACs, and LICs were developed in order to influence public policy on specific issues within a particular geographic area, such as a state, a county, or a city.

What do they do?

SPACs, PACs, and LICs identify the issues that resonate with their members and that are relevant to The Junior League Mission, and develop strategies for tackling them. This advocacy takes many forms—it can be as straightforward as building awareness and educating the public about a pressing problem, or as ambitious as sponsoring and writing a bill that ultimately becomes a law.

Who's in charge?

SPACs, PACs, and LICs are governed by their member Leagues and exist as separate entities from the Junior Leagues with which they are affiliated, though they are comprised of Junior League members.